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Buzz Jacobs & Douglas Brown lead Strategic Storytelling Company. They are supported by a team of professional in-house videographers, graphic designers, and editors.

Buzz Jacobs
Douglas Brown

Douglas Brown is a successful entrepreneur who has produced, directed, and edited thousands of projects for the world's top entertainment and news companies. He uses that experience to help Strategic Storytelling Company clients tell their stories and achieve their strategic, communications, and marketing goals. Brown is a graduate of Marshall University. Click here to read his full bio. 

Buzz Jacobs is an investor and Harvard educated business leader with significant experience at the highest levels of politics and government, including service at The White House and senior management roles on two presidential campaigns.


He uses the skills and techniques he learned in national U.S. politics, along with proven merger and acquisition strategies, to help campaigns and businesses scale, grow, and win. Click here to read his full bio.

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