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Strategic Storytelling Company

helped retired

Lt. General Jack Bergman

become the highest-ranking

military veteran ever

elected to the U.S. House.

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Photography & TV ads produced by Strategic Storytelling Company.

Bergman had a great story.

40+ years in the Marines.

3-Star General. Combat Veteran. Retired commercial airline pilot.

Small business owner.

But he needed help communicating his story to voters.

So we developed his message & brand:

"Send a Marine!"

So we developed his message & brand:

 "Send a Marine!"

Helped introduce him to voters with this 'widely praised' TV ad. 

Reinforced his

"Send a Marine!"

brand with great imagery that told his story.

And produced TV ads that told his story to voters.

The messaging and

imagery worked.

Voters took notice.

Bergman's opponents started attacking

'the candidate with no chance to win the

GOP Primary.'

We anticipated those attacks and were able to instantly respond.

Bergman Wins GOP Primary

The Marine General, who never before ran for office, won by 7%, defeating two popular, better-funded veteran state legislators.

The Fall Election

The Marine General vs.

The State Chair of the Democrat Party

Bergman's opponent had millions in the bank and very close ties to President Obama.

The pundits said it would be a 'close race'

and Bergman was outspent nearly 2 to 1

by his opponent. 

We created more imagery and new messaging designed to appeal to key general election voting blocs.

Re-introduced the Marine General with this TV ad.

Released this 'brilliant' ad on

Social Security to strengthen his support among seniors.

Produced this 'hilariously smart' ad to appeal to working parents

Released this 'outstanding' ad

to build support among

working class voters. 

When the Marine General was being attacked with millions in negative ads, we produced these spots to ensure voters knew the TRUTH.

In this 'awesome ad,' we reminded voters about Bergman's background and positions on key issues

Bergman Wins by 15%

Although the race was widely expected to be very close, Bergman won in a landslide. 

The Marine was outspent nearly 2 to 1 by his better-funded opponent, but won by 15%. 

Bergman was elected 'class president' by his colleagues and is now on the leadership team in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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